Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where The Bleep Is Robert Pattinson Today? Iceland

Robert Pattinson definitely has a thing for islands. After visiting Easter Island on Tuesday followed by some downtime on Bora Bora yesterday, the actor was seen enjoying nature's finest today in Iceland.

But unlike previous days where Pattinson chose to relax and catch up on his reading, he seemed to surprise onlookers with some extreme sports and a pretty athletic body.

"We were waiting for one of the geysers to erupt when suddenly that guy from Twilight stands there and he's just wearing his underwear," recalls one of the many tourists who were visiting the island famous for its geysers and volcanos. "We had no idea what he was doing but he definitely looked pretty darn good."

Bystanders were even more stunned when the geyser started erupting and Pattinson actually jumped in.

"It was madness," says local tourist guide Magnús. "I have shown people around for years but never did I see someone jump into a geyser. And then it turns out to be Robert Pattinson. It was cool. A story to tell grandkids some day."

One onlooker even snapped a photo of Pattinson and asked him why he did it.

"He said his girlfriend made him do it. His way to pay up after a bet they made."

A bet?

"Yes, something about a guy with a really long beard. He said this guy would shave it off before the start of August and his girlfriend said the guy would let it grow. Guess Pattinson lost and had to jump into the geyser."

Well, forget about planking, coning and cliff diving. Robert Pattinson is setting a new trend: geyser jumping!

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. No Robert Pattinsons or geisers were hurt, which unfortunately can't be said for the per usual butchered manip.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out where the bleep Robert Pattinson hides out then.

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