Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where The Bleep Is Robert Pattinson Today? Hawaii

It's no secret Robert Pattinson loves him some island hopping; the actor visited Bora Bora, Easter Island and Iceland recently so it came as no surprise that he was spotted on the island of Hawaii today.

But what might come as a shock is that the actor wasn't chillaxing like he did during previous island getaways (he was spotted being very zen on Easter Island and enjoyed some reading on Bora Bora) but actually decided to try his hand at some surfing!

One onlooker, who was fortunate enough to get a shot of the actor in action, said Pattinson was unable to resist the waves; "He looked like a pro out there."

Robert Pattinson, riding some high waves

Earlier in the day, Robert Pattinson was seen buying a board at a local surf shop. The shop owner, bearing a striking resemblance to talk show host Jimmy Fallon, has his own theories why Pattinson is seemingly such a surfing expert and wave crashing daredevil.

"Robert has won many surfboards - I have seen it on TV - so many people must believe he is a good surfer! You don't give a surfboard to someone who can't surf. That's sacrilege to the surfing Gods!"

Robert Pattinson, buying a surfboard.

Disclaimer: all in good fun, no one got hurt.

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